JULY 19th & 20th,2018

Larry Wirtz is a graduate of the Chavez College of Manual Dexterity and Prestidigitation, the only institution in the world dedicated to the cultivation of quality performers in the magical arts. Wirtz was the Larry Wirtz recipient of the coveted Neil Foster Golden Seal of Excellence and was invited into the school's graduate program. Upon graduation, he was offered a position as an instructor. Currently, while maintaining a full performance calendar, Wirtz can still be found teaching "sleight of hand magic" at the college.

Preston Eakins is one of the most knowledgeable balloon modeling artists around. He is also an excellent juggler. As a part of your magic camp registration you will learn basic juggling and balloon animal making and we couldn't think of a better teacher than Preston! If you want hands on instruction you've come to the right place!


'Mr. Jim' Merrills is one of the finest instructors/teachers of magic around. With over 25 years experience as a professional magician, Jim was one of the original instructors for the West Coast Wizards Magic Camp. He has a unique way of connecting with his audience and has been a big part of our Magic Camp since its inception 3 years ago. You will find his magic fascinating and FUN!

MAGIC FOR THE FUN OF IT! is Rick Fisher's theme for Wednesday - whether you are a beginner or professional you will find some useful and ready to use material - MAGIC THAT IS SIMPLY FAB! MAGIC THAT IS SIMPLY F U N ! !